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They're Here!

Pests live all around us and can create a year-round nuisance, from squirrels in your eaves to wood boring bees near your deck.

Our Solutions Simply Work!

We only use EPA-Approved chemicals to protect your home from insects and pests. We trap and remove wildlife and rodents safely and securely with no clean-up or mess for you. And we will advise you on how you can protect your home from future invasions.

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Advanced Pest Control, Inc., and its team of experts offer help and service to eliminate vermin infesting your home and office. You can count on us to provide quality work, and to treat the problem to your satisfaction. Our pest control service extends to the needs of both residential and commercial customers, utilizing modern methods of pest control for the best results. We aim to provide quality, efficient work at the best price!

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From insects to wildlife, we are prepared for any eventuality.

We handle all kinds of pests

Whether it's ants, bed bugs or other insects, or if you have evidence of mice, rats or other wildlife, we can help you with your pest problems. We go above and beyond to protect you and your family's health while we care for our environment. Our chemicals are EPA-Approved, won't harm your pets and will protect your home.

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Pest problems don't go away by themselves. Our rates are very affordable and will provide you peace of mind that we can take care of your problem.

We treat all year 'round

We don't just come by once and claim it's done. We will make suggestions to help you be sure that your business or home and your family are protected long-term.