Your home is safest without ants

Ants can damage your home and one of the biggest threats is the carpenter ant. There are several types of carpenter ant that can be found in homes and other buildings. Normally, workers are black or red and black and are between 38 and 12 of an inch. Winged queen ants may be as large as an inch. Carpenter ants differ from termites by having dark-colored bodies that are not translucent, narrow waists, bent antennae and the winged ones have back wings shorter than the front wings. Carpenter ants are not shy and are frequently seen in the open.

Carpenter ants do not eat wood. They tunnel through it and remove the wood. It is the tunneling through the wood in your property that makes them so damaging.

The common carpenter ant worker, which you may see in and around your home.
A black-bodied carpenter ant worker

Keep ants away from your home.

We recommend seasonal service to control ants and keep them well away from your home. We can also advise you to trim back shrubbery and trees that are touching your home to prevent ants and other insects from using these pathways to get inside.

Additionally, carpenter ants like water. Any source of water or easy food, such as pet food that is left out is a source of nourishment for ants. We will advise you to give them no safe haven in your home.

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Ants communicate using pheromones and the queen ant won't simply let workers walk off the job. They'll destroy your home, bit by bit, so have Advanced Pest Control, Inc. control them and keep them from coming back.