Solitary Bees

Some bees are extremely beneficial. The honey bee, a social bee that lives in colonies, provides us with pollination and honey. Without bees we wouldn't have many of the fruits and vegetables that grow here in Connecticut. But some bees are solitary and the carpenter bee can be a real pest around your home.

A Carpenter Bee feeding on a purple flower
Carpenter bees are useful as pollinators, but may be dangerous to you and your family if they have a nest in your home.

The Carpenter Bee

Carpenter bees excavate wood to create nest sites. They don't consume it and, if they get inside the wood structure of your home, you'll see small mounds of sawdust beneath the holes they bore. You'll also see yellowish to brownish streaks of excrement and pollen on surfaces below entry holes. Considerable wood damage can result from generations of carpenter bees enlarging existing galleries in the wood in your home. And, while these are solitary bees, they are gregarious. You may find several nesting right next to each other.

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If you have carpenter bees, it's best to call a professional, as their nesting areas can be difficult to reach. Additionally, because carpenter bees are very territorial, they may appear aggressive if they see you as a threat to their nest.

Don't get stung

We will come by your home and treat the holes made by the carpenter bees and will let you know if we see any extensive damage so that you can replace or repair any wood that they may have damaged.