Cockroaches Mean Disease

Cockroaches may crawl around the most filthy and disgusting areas of any home and areas just outside the home. If they, then, walk around food preparation areas there is a more than reasonable chance that you may get sick. Even if your home is clean, you can still get cockroaches from things you bring into the house. Cockroach castings are implicated in many forms of asthma in children as well as allergies in adults. And if you see one cockroach there may be many more you don't see.

Blatella Germanica, the common German Cockroach
The common German Cockroach has been around for millions of years. This very hardy insect will probably outlive humanity.

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Roaches have been around for as long as there have been insects and people jokingly say that they could survive the apocalypse. But cockroaches in your home are no joking matter. They are very hardy and prefer warm, dark and damp environments. Some female cockroach species can remain pregnant forever, producing well over 100 offspring annually.

Limit their entry into your home

Seal the areas around water pipes, both inside and outside your home. Remove old cardboard containers and paper bags you bring in from the store, as their eggs may be laid in them. If they're outside in your trash or recycle bin, they're not in your home. Don't leave old papers, boxes or bags lying around your home.

Don't trust store-bought products

Many products sold in stores prove ineffective against a cockroach infestation. They are extremely adaptable and develop resistance to many chemicals very quickly. We will work with you to make your home or business less hospitable to cockroaches. We can use baits, traps and residual chemicals to keep you free of these nasty pests.