Termites Mean Bad News

Termites feed on wood and anything that is made from wood, which includes cardboard boxes, paper products, lumber shipping pallets, your deck, wood fencing, wood fence posts, building beams, stacked cordwood used in fireplaces and flooring. Each termite colony ranges from 20,000 termites to five million. The worker termites are the ones that will damage your home, as they construct the colony's tunnels and gather food.

A soldier termite, recognizable by the large jaws on its head
A soldier termite protects the nest and will usually be the first one you see.

If you disturb a colony, you'll usually see soldier termites first, which defend the colony. The queen termite lays eggs constantly and may live up to 20 years.

What to look for

Look for mud tunnels about the size of a pencil on your foundation walls, sheet rock or other areas. Look for damaged wood with tunneling inside of it. Look for wooden beams or floor joists that suddenly start to sag. If you see swarming termites (winged insects with four identical-sized wings that break off easily) around your home in the hundreds, that is another sign of infestation. The "swarmers" are future queens and male drones looking to start a new colony, either in your home or somewhere else. Swarming usually occurs in the spring especially after a rain shower or near a source of water in your home.

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Termites love wooden structures and won't go away by themselves. Our inspectors will find exactly where the termites are and our technicians will eradicate them from your home. After the termites are gone, our technicians may suggest that you consult with a structural engineer to insure that your home is still supported.