Mice Are Not Cute Cartoon Characters

Mickey, Jerry and Chuck E. may entertain our children, but mice in homes are very destructive. Since they are rodents, they can chew through just about anything that is not metal, and in doing so can short out electrical wiring, create holes in PVC drain pipes, and cause damage to the wooden structure of your home. Their urine and feces can contaminate any surface they touch.

A typical gray mouse that readily takes up residence in homes
No cartoon character, this! Mice create a potentially dangerous situation in your home.

Get the mice out of your home

When the food's gone the party's over. Get rid of any food sources, keeping all food in metal or glass containers with tight lids. Trash cans should be sealed. Clean all countertops, sinks and kitchen floors and keep them clean.

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We use baits and specialized traps to catch mice and can start eliminating your infestation in a very short time. Because mice breed very quickly, it is best to take action at the very first sign of mice in your home.

It is important to act immediately if you suspect a mouse infestation.

Since mice urine, saliva and feces can harbor harmful bacteria and viruses, such as salmonella and Hantavirus, call us right away so that we can solve the problem.