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Advanced Pest Control, Inc., is a locally-owned and operated Connecticut company, licensed to practice within the State of Connecticut. We have complete knowledge of what pests are common to our area and we know when to treat to keep your home safe. Our four-season treatments are designed to give you the assurance you need. Call us today at 860-666-5730 to ensure that you will be pest-free this year.

Termite, to the left has four wings of equal size, the ant to the right has two long back wings and two short front wings

Is it a termite or an ant swarmer?

Termites have four wings all equal in size. They are also easily broken and it is very common to find these discarded, or broken wings around your home or area where you are experiencing a termite swarm. Ants, on the other hand, have front wings that are noticeably larger in size then their hind wings. Both sets of wings on an ant are much more resistant then that of a termite and do not break off easily.

If you see swarmers around your home, call 860-666-5730 right away!


Spring is the time termites swarm. You will see ants begin looking for food and for ingress into your home. Spiders hatch and become active.


During the summer, ants are active, as well as spiders, wasps, yellow jackets, bees and hornets. New England is also afflicted with German cockroaches, bed bugs, and you may encounter stored food pests in your pantry or kitchen.


Spiders will construct egg sacs and ants, mice and other pests will try to move into your dwelling.


Now is the time to be vigilant for pests that have gained access to your home. Be on the lookout for small rodents, cockroaches and bed bugs.

Our approach is to control pests with low environmental impact, so that you, your family and your household pets are not impacted. We look for pests at their source and treat them there, as well as areas of easy ingress. We treat the inside of your home only if you already have pests inside.