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Advanced Pest Control, Inc.—your Wethersfield, CT pest removal experts—opened in 1979 by John Bednarz, Jr. as a family-owned and family-run operation in Newington, CT. John believed in personal service at a fair price with a personalized touch, and the business grew with both commercial and residential customers over the years.

In 2015, 15-year employee and senior supervisor Jesse Page acquired Advanced Pest Control, Inc.. He is committed to keeping Advanced Pest Control, Inc. as a family-run business with his wife and office manager Leslie, with a shared goal of obtaining exceptional results tailored to your individual needs.

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Our focus is on you and the health of your environment. We treat our customers as members of our family. We take a more personalized approach than the national chains that try to apply one-size-fits-all methods. Our team is well versed in the pests of the greater Hartford area and don’t rely on pushy sales tactics. We investigate carefully and only give you what you need to secure your home and businesses from pests.

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Pest problems don’t go away by themselves. Our rates are affordable and will provide you peace of mind to take care of your problem. We work with the very best brands, including Termidor, BBB, Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators Association, and National Pest Management Association, to fix your pest issues. All trapping of wild animals is done by our licensed Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators (NWCOs).

Bed Bugs

A bed bug’s preferred food source is you—no matter how clean your home is. Once bed bugs enter your home, they’ll spread throughout the house. They find their hosts by sensing your body heat and carbon dioxide in your breath. Then they pierce your skin with an elongated beak— which contains a mild anesthetic. They feed for about five minutes and retreat into the folds of your mattress or sheets to digest their meal.

We Will Get Rid of Them

To exterminate bed bugs, we use integrated pest management techniques. We don’t use “bug bombs” because the chemicals do not penetrate the small cracks and crevices where bed bugs hide. Controlling bed bugs takes time, patience, and cooperation from you. Because bed bugs have become resistant to certain pesticides, we ask that you call us right away if you suspect that you have an infestation.
Bed Bug Removal in Wethersfield, CT
Termite Removal in Wethersfield, CT


Termites feed on wood and anything that is made from wood, which includes cardboard boxes, paper products, lumber shipping pallets, and the structural elements of your home and flooring. A termite colony ranges from 20,000 termites to five million.

How To Identify

Termite Removal in Wethersfield, CT

Mud tunnels about the width of a pencil on your foundation walls, sheetrock, or other areas.

Termite Removal in Wethersfield, CT | Advanced Pest Control, Inc.

Damaged wood with tunneling inside of it.

Termite Removal in Wethersfield, CT

Wooden beams or floor joists suddenly start to sag.

Termite Removal in Wethersfield, CT

Termites have four wings, all equal in size. They are also easily broken, and it is common to find these discarded or broken wings around your home or area where you are experiencing a termite swarm.


Ants can damage your home, and one of the biggest threats is the carpenter ant. Carpenter ants differ from termites by having dark-colored bodies that are not translucent, narrow waists, bent antennae, and back wings shorter than the front wings. Carpenter ants are not shy and are frequently seen in the open.

Carpenter ants do not eat wood, however, they tunnel through it and remove the wood, wreaking havoc on your home. We recommend seasonal service, trimming back foliage, and other preventative measures to control potential ant infestations.

Carpenter Ant Removal in Wethersfield, CT
Cockroach Removal in Wethersfield, CT


Cockroaches are unpleasant and notoriously filthy. When they make their way into your home and walk around on food preparation surfaces and other areas they can make you sick. Even if your home is clean, you can still get cockroaches or their eggs from things you bring into the house, like shipping boxes, cardboard containers, or bags you bring in from the store.

Store Bought or Professional?

Many products sold in stores prove ineffective against a cockroach infestation. Because cockroaches are extremely adaptable, they develop resistance to many chemicals very quickly. We will work with you to make your home or business less hospitable to cockroaches. We utilize baits, traps, and residual chemicals to keep you free of these pests.

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Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees excavate wood to create nest sites. They don’t consume it and, if they get inside the wood structure of your home, you may see small mounds of sawdust beneath the holes they bore. You also may see yellowish to brownish streaks of excrement and pollen on surfaces below entry holes. Considerable wood damage can result from generations of carpenter bees enlarging existing nests in the wood in your home. And while these are solitary bees, you’ll often find several nests next to each other.
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Other Insect Pests

In addition to the more common insect pests, Advanced Pest Control is also well-versed in the control of:
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Insect Removal in Wethersfield, CT


Insect Removal in Wethersfield, CT

Boxelder Bugs

Insect Removal in Wethersfield, CT

Flying Stinging Insects, Beetles

Springtail Removal in Wethersfield, CT | Advanced Pest Control, Inc.


Insect Removal in Wethersfield, CT


Insect Removal in Wethersfield, CT


Insect Removal in Wethersfield, CT

Stink Bugs

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