How To Prevent Pests

Advanced Pest Control, Inc. is your go-to bug and rodent prevention serving the Hartford area communities. We provide exceptional pest control services and the resources to prevent future problems. Prevention really is your best bet to keeping your residence or business safe. We encourage everyone to be proactive in securing their home from possible infestations, so a problem is less likely to occur.
Pest Prevention in Wethersfield, CT

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Limit Pest Opportunities

Seal the areas around water pipes, both inside and outside your home. Remove old cardboard containers and paper bags you bring in from the store, as pests may lay their eggs in them. If they’re outside your trash or recycle bin, they’re not in your home. Don’t leave old papers, boxes, or bags lying around your home.

Additionally, many pests like water. Any source of water or easy food, such as pet food that is left out, can attract insects and wildlife.

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Do’s and Don’ts


  • When you unpack from a trip, throw your clothing directly in the washer from your luggage and inspect your bags.
  • Check the hotel mattress and headboard before you retire for the night.
  • Close off any potential entry points (like air vents, gaps where sewer pipes enter and exit your home, and any opening as small as a quarter).
  • Take out your trash and dispose of it properly outside of your home.


  • Refrain from bringing home mattresses or furniture you find on the street. Most likely, it may be infested.
  • Keep travel bags on hard surfaces while packing or unpacking, rather than setting them on the floor or the bed. Non-fabric luggage is also a good idea!
  • Pick up any food source that may feed opportunistic animals, like pet foods, wild bird seed, and standing water. Any food source should be in sealed metal containers with tight lids.